All You Need to know to Get the Best Black Friday Deals

It’s that exciting moment of year again where Black Friday is fast approaching, and the best time to bag yourself some of the biggest deals. Black Friday is perfectly timed a month before Christmas, so you can buy more for your loved ones but pay less. Retailers whether that be online or in store will be cutting prices, these stores include many different products like electricals, toys, furniture, homeware, beauty and fashion, the list goes on! Forget Christmas presents, Black Friday could be your moment to treat yourself those designer High Heels you’ve always wanted. Black Friday traditionally starts the day after Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, although many retailers actually start a week before and once it ends that’s when the Cyber Monday sale begins.

The History of Black Friday

The term Black Friday did not originate from the post Thanksgiving shopping sales, the first recorded use of the phrase was financial crisis. In 1869 the US gold market plummeted due to two Wall Street financiers buying as much of the nations gold and hoping to sell it for a huge profit. Eventually the conspiracy was uncovered and the stock market hit rock bottom bankrupting everyone in all industries.

There’s another popular story about how Black Friday got its name but this is inaccurate. People would say that after a whole year of retailers working ‘in the red’ meaning operating at a loss, they went ‘into the black’ meaning they earnt a profit on the day after Thanksgiving. This was said because shoppers went mad and spent a ton of money on products in the sales the day after Thanksgiving.

When is Black Friday?

Originally Black Friday was one big sale that went on for one day only on the 25th November, but nowadays many retailers including XY London start the huge sales one week earlier. When Black Friday ends on the Monday, that’s when the Cyber Monday sale starts.

Start Early

Many online retailers will keep you on your toes by not revealing until the last minute when their Black Friday sale will start. Last year all types of retailers started their Black Friday sales a week before, so the best thing you can do is keep checking your desired stores from the 18th of November.

Stay Strong

With huge savings up for grabs for a limited time only, it’s so easy to get carried away by buying things you really don’t need or want. The best way to avoid this easy but dangerous mistake, is to write a list of the things you need and stick to it. Think of it this way – you’ll save a heck of a lot of most refraining from buying all the temping goodies, as apposed to buying the discounted items you didn’t need in the first place.

What Discounts Are Available

Black Friday is the only time of year where stores go all out by cutting prices drastically. Last year many stores like XY London went crazy on offering big deals not only on selected products but site wide. There really is no telling what your favourite stores may do, if you’ve got your eye on something it’s definitely worth waiting for Black Friday to begin.

Avoid Busy Times

The busiest times for many online stores during the Black Friday sales last year was between 11am until 12pm, so do your best to avoid these times. If you shop at the busiest times, websites are often strained so they may crash or just take a long time to load which can be very frustrating. If you don’t want to miss out on their hottest deals get in there as early as possible because the best deals will get snapped up very fast.

Shop Online

Avoid big crowds of people by ditching the high street and shop online instead, so long as you avoid the busiest times this is the most effective way to shop the Black Friday sales. No masses of people, no ques and a lot of time not to mention petrol money saved.

Use Store Cards

You may be surprised to hear that with some stores, when using their store branded credit or debit card they will provide you with special offers you can use in conjunction with Black Friday sale items.

Act Quickly

When shopping the Black Friday sales being quick is key. If you find an item you need and the price is good, don’t hang about waiting for the price to drop lower because if you do the chances are the item will sell out. Be prepared knowing the maximum price you wish to spend before Black Friday begins, this way you can hit buy now with no hesitation.


Set a maximum budget. Buying every bargain in sight can end up costing you a fortune, so once the budget is set be strong and stick to it. If you end up buying lots of things you didn’t actually need and go over your budget, you may as well have just bought the item you did want at full price.

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