Discord Launches on AWS, Attracts Attention from Sattelberg and AndroidPolice

Discord, the popular voice and text chat app used by millions of gamers and communities worldwide, recently announced its migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Discord Launches on AWS for improved reliability and scalability. This move has attracted the attention of technology enthusiasts and industry experts alike, including former Amazon executive, Tim Sattelberg, and Android news outlet, AndroidPolice.

What is Discord?

For those unfamiliar with Discord, it is a communication platform designed primarily for gamers but has since grown to include a wide range of communities, such as hobbyists, music fans, and even businesses. It features both voice and text chat channels, as well as the ability to share files, stream games, and integrate with various other apps and services.

Discord’s Migration to AWS

Discord Launches on AWS aims to improve its infrastructure and better handle the growing number of users and communities. In a blog post announcing the migration, Discord stated that “AWS offers us better infrastructure, more tools to improve reliability and scalability, and an easier path to multicloud in the future.” The move is expected to bring faster service and more robust features to Discord’s users, and ensure the platform’s continued growth and success.

Sattelberg’s Interest in Discord’s AWS Migration

Discord Launches on AWS a former Amazon executive who is now an independent writer and analyst, recently took an interest in Discord’s AWS migration. In a tweet,Discord Launches on AWS noted that Discord’s move to AWS was a “smart decision,” stating that “AWS will be a great partner for Discord, with many useful tools and features to support its continued growth and success.”

AndroidPolice’s Coverage of Discord’s AWS Migration

Discord Launches on AWS, a popular news outlet focused on Android and technology, also covered Discord’s migration to AWS. In an article, the outlet noted that the move “will likely help Discord better handle the massive amount of traffic it sees on a regular basis,” and highlighted the potential benefits of AWS’s tools and services for Discord’s future growth and development.


Discord Launches on AWS migration to AWS is a significant development for the popular communication platform, and one that has attracted attention from industry experts and technology enthusiasts alike. With improved infrastructure, reliability, and scalability, Discord is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come.

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