DIY: Impress Your Love with Jewelry Making Ideas

Jewelry is fascinated by every girl as it helps to enhance our outfit. This admiration towards jewelry can be mixed with the creative talents to present you with astonishing effects. Numerous o DIY ideas of handmade jewelry have recently been super hits among creative and crafty people, mainly among teen girls. We love to be creative and use our imaginations to make something, and we are often proud to wear and showcase our creatively created arts. However, as everyone knows, we adore designing and building our jewelry while simultaneously saving money. It’s gratifying and enjoyable to purchase distinctive pieces of jewelry infrequently; however, handcrafted jewelry has a particular sentimental worth. To accept the fact that creating something by yourself as a self-gift or for a friend or a beloved is the perfect titillation and delight. If you are searching for a few heartening ideas, let’s read the article further to find beautiful ways to make jewelry and ideas of what to make that can reflect your personality.

Colorful Friendship Bracelets

Colorful Friendship Bracelets are famous among teen and school-going girls. These bracelets are made with twisting and braiding colored hair elastics that are worn every day by teen girls with casual wear.

Pearl Dangle Earring

You will need jump rings, jewelry headpins, link chains alongside pearl beads of about 8mm to create this jewelry. Firstly, you will need to cut two chains of two sets that are longer than the other, utilizing your cutters. Next is to use jump rings to loop both the chains to the hook together using pliers to open and close the jump rings. Then the primary step, using a cutter, is to put a pearl inside your head ring and then close the ring after inserting it at the end of the earnings. Viola! You will have beautiful pearl dangle earrings.

Bead Necklace Using Nail Polish

You will require some wood beads, different nail polish colors (pastel colors are preferred), and a cotton or silk beading cord of 1mm width. 1/4″ compression sleeves, take two. Skewer, washi tape, Toothpick, a glue that’s suitable for crafty items, Scissors, round nose, and flat nose pliers, jump rings of 1mm (two), end caps that arrange into a 1mm beading cord perfectly, and a One ‘lobster claw’ clasp.

Begin by painting each wood bead on every side. However, try to paint it white as a base coat as wooden surfaces absorb paint quickly.  Then cut the thread according to the length you want, insert the beads you have painted after they have dried into the line, and slide copper embellishments at two ends of the thread. To close the beautiful necklace you have just made, glue the end cap using a toothpick and slide the cord into the end cap and redo the process on the other side. The next step is to use pliers to open and close the two jump rings to connect at the top of each end cap and twist it to complete the jump ring. This is how you will have a beautiful wooden beads necklace in lovely pastel colors.

Follow these DIY tips to have beautiful jewelry of your own handcrafted and flaunt them on different occasions, matching it with your outfit.

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