Instructions on How to Play Extremely Simple Scratch Cards From Experts

Scratch card is definitely an attractive entertainment game, familiar to many passionate brothers. The game is attractive by its simple gameplay, easy-to-understand betting rules and high chances of winning. So in the following article, let’s find out in detail about how to play scratch card  along with other interesting information.

What is Scratch card game introduction?

Scratch cards are often called with the familiar name “Three card Poker” and are simply understood as three-card cards, three-card cards, … This is a fairly popular and developed entertainment game in Vietnam today. now. At the same time, it is growing strongly and is widely loved in the online market. In which, Trang chủ Hi88 is the entertainment address that attracts a large number of top 1 members today.

Scratch cards use a Western deck of 52 cards to play. Besides, it is also built how to play scratch card According to the rules of comparison, compare the scores of the same players to find the final winner.

Each participant will be dealt 3 cards in turn, based on the rules to review points, compare and find the final winner. This game attracts and attracts many participants by its interesting, dramatic and bold nature.

General information about the card game Scratch

Detailed Scratch card game rules for beginners

Before learning about how to play scratch card  You need to grasp the details of the rules of the game. According to the regulations, each table will have the number of participants from2 to 6 players. A person will be dealt 3 cards in turn and should be kept secret. Then apply the following scoring rules to calculate the winning and losing that is:

  • The Ace card is specified for 1 point.
  • Cards from 2-10 will have the same number of points as the number printed on the card.
  • Cards J, Q, and K are considered 10 points.

The player’s score is the sum of all 3 cards dealt in the hand and the highest will be 9 and the lowest will be 0 points. If the total score is greater than 10, only the number of units will be used to consider the score.

Also in how to play scratch card There are also some special cases such as:

  • Wax: Means a set of 3 cards with the same value, only different suits.
  • Lien: A set of 3 cards of consecutive values ​​forming a sequence.
  • Ba Tay (three rakes): That is, the set of 3 cards he pictured is J, Q, K, if you own this deck, you will be considered to win.

The order of sorting, considering the value from low to high in the card game is specified as follows: 0 < 1 < 2 < 3 < 4…..< Ba Tay < Lieng < Wax.

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Share details about betting rules in how to play standard Scratch cards

Instruct how to play scratch card s in detail at Hi88 Bets

Currently, Hi88 is a Scratch card game that is trusted by many people because of its excellent professional service. To participate in the experience at the playground, you need to perform simple operations according to the following instructions:

Step 1: Access registration

First, players need to search and choose to access the correct official link ofyard play. At the player’s main interface, click on the account registration item and provide the required information then confirm to quickly become a member of the playground.

Step 2: Top up your account

To start applying how to play scratch card  You need to deposit money into your personal member account. Please log in to your account, then click on the deposit item and choose the most suitable payment method. Next, the player needs to provide the requested information, make the payment and confirm to complete the transaction as soon as possible.

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Step 3: Access the game table

After successfully depositing the player, return to the main screen. Next, you need to click on the card game item and choose the appropriate playing hall. At this time, the screen interface will display a series of super attractive games at Hi88, bettors need to click on the Scratch card game and access the table.

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Detailed instructions how to play scratch card  super simple

Step 4: Follow along how to play scratch card 

At the beginning of the game, each participant will be dealt 3 cards in turn. You only know 3 cards in your hand and the other player’s cards will be kept secret. After receiving the dealt card, the player will proceed to calculate the score and make betting decisions such as:

  • Poker: If the sum of the player’s cards is high,element additional premise to raise the reward for yourself.
  • Theo: Participants have the right to follow or not follow the player “To” first.
  • Set-up: If the points of the cards in the hand are too low, the bettor can discard the cards and stop playing.
  • All bets: That is to bet on the game with the highest limit or the entire capital on hand.

Finally, at the end of the betting process, the remaining players on the table will flip the cards. Then executes points according to the rules to determine the final winner.

Here are detailed information about how to play scratch card . Hope the above presentation has helped the best prime minister understand, grasp more and easily get used to the game. At the same time, always have luck when participating in the experience and bring yourself the biggest reward.

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