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Online cockfighting, cockfighting online It can be said that it is no longer strange to bettors. Many people want to participate in cockfighting betting at online bookmakers, but this is a pretty good form of playing. In New889 blue – The number 1 prestigious cockfighting bookmaker in Vietnam, many people highly appreciate this form here.

Introducing bookmaker New88 – Legal bookmaker

Dealer New88 is a product from M.A.N entertainment group headquartered in Manila city of the Philippines. In Asia, M.A.N Entertainment is considered the largest corporation in the online gambling market with tens of thousands of professional employees.

As a product of a large corporation with a long-standing reputation in the industry, participants can be completely assured about money matters when conducting transactions at the house.

Unlike other bookmakers that are operating illegally in the market, New88 has been licensed to operate legal online betting by the Isle of Man & Cagayan Economic Zone and the Free Port. 

Cockfighting online at New88 super hot

Currently, cockfighting online increasingly popular in Asian countries, especially Vietnam. The house is extremely proud to be one of the pioneers in bringing this traditional game closer to cockfighting lovers.

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Still using the traditional cockfighting method, but thanks to the development of the internet, now bettors do not have to go to cockfighting arenas to play.

When playing New88 cockfighting, not only can you watch matches from major cockfighting arenas in the world but you can also freely choose your favorite fighting cocks such as: iron spur cockfighting, hard spur cockfighting, Cambodian cockfighting…

If you are still wondering about the image and sound quality when not watching live, the house will completely overcome these obstacles for players, you can sit at home and watch the sharp images and sound. alive thanks to modern technology.

Why Should You Choose New88 To Play Cockfighting Online?

Online cockfighting bookmaker New88 Many brothers choose to play and become a playground with a large number of participating members. So why is this “house” so popular? 

Various game and entertainment services

Attractive popular games such as soccer betting, slot games, casino… 

There are also traditional games such as phom, tien len, three-card card game…, cockfighting online, race. 

100% fair and transparent

Along with that reputation comes fairness and transparency at the house New88. This house always values ​​the feelings of players, so issues of transparency and fairness are given top priority by the company.

The rules and odds are always clearly laid out. Players can preview before joining the game. All information provided to the house is confidential. When you win or win, the money will be transferred to your account immediately.
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Deposit and withdrawal transactions at New88 fast

As for transactions, rest assured. All New88 transactions are done quickly and easily. Each transaction seems to only take about 1 to 2 minutes, the system will confirm and send a notification to the player. Transaction methods are also very diverse.

You can pay through many large banks in our country such as vietinbank, vietcombank, BIDV, MB,… In addition, the house also allows players to pay and transact via momo, viettel pay,… extremely convenient. .

Smooth phone application

Not only can you enjoy the game on the website but you can also play it on the app. The house supports mobile games very smoothly and friendly for you to participate in cockfighting online. The App is designed with an eye-catching design and beautiful interface.

Through the information above, it can be seen New88 is a bookmaker cockfighting online quality. If you are looking for a reliable destination and attractive games, you can refer here!

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