Three Tips For Travelling With the Everlasting Comfort Bath Cushion

The busy world of today always keeps you on the go. Whether traveling abroad for an important business conference or a vacation to the City for some heavy street shopping, you’ll need your Everlasting Comfort bath cushion to help you relax by the end of the day. Even so, carrying around your favorite bathroom pillow may seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Here are five tips to help make sure your Everlasting Comfort bath cushion keeps making bathtime the most mellow moment of your day.

Different Tubs, Same Cushion

One of the biggest drawbacks to traveling is not knowing exactly what your bathroom is going to be like. Even hotels in the same chain can have bathtubs that vary in style from one location to the next. Staying with friends or family is just as much of an issue, especially since you may receive some questioning looks when asking about their tub size.

If you want to get the most out of your relaxation time, it doesn’t make sense to have a bath pillow that doesn’t work in most circumstances. If your favorite bathing cushion is too unwieldy for your tub, it’s going to make it difficult to kick back amongst the bubbles. When traveling with the Everlasting Comfort bath cushion, those worries are a thing of the past.

Since most bathtubs aren’t designed with your comfort in mind, a bathing pillow is the perfect solution to soften ceramic and tile. The Everlast cushion features strong suction cups that will firmly latch onto most surfaces. Its versatile design allows it to fit securely onto spas and tubs, while its portability means it’s great for a special trip to a sauna or clambering across the country on business.

Everlasting Comfort, Easy to Clean

Traveling with anything that’s intended to be soaked in water can be a real hassle. Even a visit to the beach could be soured by wet and sandy swimsuits getting mixed with clean clothes. When it comes to a bath pillow that’s been submerged for hours as you wash away your woes, trying to transport it without proper cleaning may leave you with a real mess.

The Everlasting Comfort bath cushion was designed specifically with this in mind! The soft and supportive foam is surrounded by a mesh overlay that makes draining and drying easier than with other types of spa pillows. Following a few simple steps, your relaxation accessory will be ready to rejoin you on your travels:

  1. Let It Sit Until Damp: Give your Everlasting Comfort pillow some time after you’ve completed your bath. Letting it sit suction cupped to the tub will allow water to drain quickly without making a mess on the floor.
  2. Hang to Dry: The best way to ensure that the foam is moisture free, you should hang it using the convenient built-in drying hook. It may be a good idea to hang the pillow over the bathtub or a sink to prevent any excess water from dripping onto the floor.
  3. Hand Wash: A bath pillow this good is going to get a lot of use. When it’s time for a cleaning, hand wash with a gentle detergent such as dish soap.
  4. Avoid Heat: The foam within the Everlasting Comfort pillow will fully dry without any extra heat. Make sure you don’t iron it, either, as a flat pillow wouldn’t be nearly as comfortable!
  5. Non-Chlorinated Bleach: Some bathers prefer to clean their items with bleach, and using a non-chlorinated variety is the best way to keep your pillow looking great.

Propper cleaning will ensure that your bath cushion will be ready to use the next time a relaxing bath is a priority. Travelers taking the appropriate steps won’t have to worry about soggy socks or dripping drawers in their luggage!

Keeping It All Together

Storage is always a problem, especially on big trips. Space is at a premium and travelers need to get the most out of what little room they have in their suitcases. Keeping all of your bathing supplies together is just as important since they often get wet during use. Even worse, they can open during your travels, coating your unmentionables in sticky soap or coagulating conditioner!

Selecting the Everlasting Comfort bath cushion for your trip will help take care of those problems. The pillow is equipped with internal storage, making it a great way to keep all of your bathing needs in one place. Having everything together with the pillow means bathers only need to grab a single item to get ready for their own personal spa treatment. Additionally, because storage is located on the side, you’ll have everything you need right on hand without needing to get out of the toasty-warm tub.

Comfort to Count On

Sometimes the best thing about taking a trip is just relaxing at the end of the day. Everlasting Comfort pillows are flexible and versatile enough to conform to most tubs. Proper care means they will remain in great condition for a long time while keeping all of your bathing items in one place. Bring your Everlasting Comfort bath cushion along on your next trip and make those cozy nights destressing in the bath so much more enjoyable.

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