TOP-5 Cool Harness chips for a feminine look

A women harness is a popular accessory that will make the most ordinary look unique. However, in order for the accessory to emphasize the figure, you need to know how to choose the right model and how to wear it.

In order to make the right choice, you need to pay attention to the rating of the best models of woman leather harness

1. Classic leather harness for women

The accessory emphasizes the curves of the female body, makes it sexy and sophisticated. Outwardly, the harness looks like leather straps connected to each other. Each strap fastens with a separate clasp.

It goes well with a feminine evening dress, and with simple clothes for every day. Even a business or purely classic style will look much more interesting if you adorn yourself with miniature but expressive harness options over a straight skirt or strict trousers. The thickness of the straps must be selected in accordance with the type of your figure. For thin girls of small stature, models with thin belts (with a width of no more than 1.5 cm) will be the best option; for girls with a large physique, it is worth choosing samples with belts whose width reaches about 2-2.5 cm.

2. A corset harness

A corset harness is a sexual harness and controversial piece of clothing than a corset. Someone puts it on a naked body, someone – over a sweatshirt, dress or trench coat. The corset also looks attractive with a shirt. Yes, this is a completely viable bow that is easy to incorporate into everyday life. Tightened at the waist, it will favorably emphasize seductive forms, focusing on the bust and rounded hips.

Another option is a corset top – a very interesting detail that can be used as an independent element of the image. As a rule, these models, made of soft leather, have a fitted cut and wide shoulder straps. Often on the back they are decorated with a satin ribbon, which plays the role of lacing.

3. Necklaces-harness, choker

They look especially elegant and bold. Models can be classic, without additional details, or they can harmoniously transition into other accessories (bandage, garters, harness on the belt). Chokers look spectacular and feminine, which are combined with a thin belt at the waist, passing through the center of the body. Such a harness visually shortens the torso.

In order to visually lengthen the neck, it is recommended to use accessories in beige, gold and silver colors, that is, those that are combined with the natural skin tone. For aesthetes, there are also options for chokers made from chains, most often, they do not have a belt at all. The colors of such products, as a rule, are golden or silver.

Often they are additionally decorated with rhinestones and iridescent stones of different colors. Admiring glances are guaranteed to you.


Garters – are sex harnesses made of straps, outwardly very reminiscent of garters for stockings. Their main task is to draw the attention of others to their feet. Therefore, for ladies whose forms are far from ideal, we advise you to decorate your calves and ankles with leather straps with beautiful weaving and exotic bracelets. Women garter belt is extreemly impressive type of garters and can be used in combination with strap on harness and collar slave.

This will visually make them more toned and slim, hide excessive fullness.

For thin women, you should choose options from ultra-thin deep black belts. The charcoal shade will make the look soft, feminine, without focusing on thinness.

Garters can be worn over trousers, leggings, tights under a skirt, dress, or used as a stylish BDSM- harnesses intimate accessory.

5. Leather lingerie, body harness

Leather lingerie – a harness bra, which is the most common version of underwear with leather straps. Models of bras in this design are varied, among them there are both stylish options suitable for everyday or evening bow, decorating the neckline, and defiant, designed more for a sexy look.

However, modern fashion trends also suggest wearing lingerie leather over clothes: classic plain shirts, tops, dresses and trousers.

The main feature of the harness is that it perfectly matches and combines with each other both in individual elements (necklace and bondage lingerie, corset and harness for strap on), and with different styles of clothing. It all depends on your mood and the purpose for which you create your bow.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, our Obsessharness brand will help you realize your wildest fantasy.

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