What is BCCI President Salary?

What is BCCI president salary? is a common question among the cricket lovers in India. The salary of BCCI president is around Rs5 crore per year. The board is the richest cricket organization in the world. Its annual revenue is over US$535 million and includes revenues from the IPL and bilateral cricket with other nations. The BCCI president also holds the power to negotiate stakes and restructure the game’s structure.

In addition to his salary as BCCI president, Sourav Ganguly also makes money from brand endorsements and television shows. Apart from being the captain of the Indian team, he also earns income from hosting popular Bengali television show Dadagiri. Earlier, he was the vice-president and joint secretary of BCCI. In April 2016, he was succeeded by Rahul Johri as BCCI’s first Chief Executive Officer.

The new BCCI president, Saurav Ganguly, will end the 33-month term of the Committee of Administrators. This body, which is affiliated to the International Cricket Council, was formed in 1928 and has the authority to run all cricket affairs in the country. Its role includes selecting officials and players for international tournaments. Its chairman is paid a handsome salary. But, he must feel that changes are necessary to improve the organization.

Sourav Ganguly, who has been the BCCI president since October 2019, earns close to $50 million a year. He earned his fortune in cricket commentary and also endorses different brands. In addition to this, he is also an avid brand endorser. The BCCI president salary is about Rs five crore per year. This is a considerable sum of money for someone who is popular in India. The BCCI president’s salary is comparable to that of other BCCI officials.

Sourav Ganguly earns close to Rs 25 crore per year. He has a 1.8-m (5-foot-9-inch) height. He is also a high-profile sportsperson who regularly endorses national and global brands. As a result, his endorsements have helped him earn a seven-figure salary each year. In addition to his salary, Ganguly is also an avid brand endorser, earning between Rs two and three crore per brand.

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