8 Tips for Keeping Your Ring Safe When You Can’t Wear It

As much as you might want to initially, you can’t wear your ring 24/7, 365. Even if it were comfortable and feasible, it just isn’t a good idea.

There are some times when it’s actually much more responsible to take your ring off, as much as that may pain you. You probably want to do so if you’re traveling internationally, for example. Sure, you can wear a travel ring. Silicone wedding rings for men have taken off in popularity as of late. However, you still want to keep the prized ring safe and secure. When you take it off, don’t just throw it in the top drawer and forget about it. Keep it protected.

Put It in a Safe

This is sort of the mecca of ring safety. You’ll want to put it in a soft wrapping (more on that in a moment), but you want to keep it secure, as well.

This option keeps it safe from damage or dings and deters anyone from grabbing it. We’re sure your friends are great, but what if you have acquaintances or friends of friends over at your house party? This is also a good option if you plan to do some extended traveling.

Fabric Pouch

You don’t just throw your ring in a safe and call it good (unless you’ve got a velvet-lined safe, maybe). You want a soft pouch to protect your ring, no matter where it is. At a minimum, the fabric pouch adds a protective layer and keeps it separate from everything around it. It also helps prevent you from losing it. Throw your ring in a kitchen drawer, and it can be a nightmare to find. Put your fabric pouch in a kitchen drawer, and it stands out easily.

Ring Box

Your ring probably came with a hard-sided ring box, so don’t throw it out. If it didn’t, no worries. You can pick one up pretty easily and have some budget-friendly ring protection.

8 Tips for Keeping Your Ring Safe When You Cant Wear It

Jewelry Case

Yes, this might conjure up memories of grandma’s pearls and other knickknacks in a plastic box, but there’s really something to it. While you should really look for something lined, a jewelry case or jewelry box can be really handy when it comes to ring safety.

Keep It in the Same Place

No matter how you store it, store it in the same place. Unless you’ve got a rock the size of a quarter on it (kudos if you do), it’s going to be hard to find if you forget where you left it. If you alternate between the kitchen drawer, your bedside table and “Oh man, where did I put that thing?” — here’s your sign to stop that nonsense immediately.

Save yourself a ton of headaches and designate one spot where you put your ring when it’s not on your finger. Wherever that spot is will be up to you. As long as it’s safe, secure and in the same place each time, you’re good. Writing it down on your phone isn’t a bad idea either.

Don’t Put It in Any Sort of Pocket

We’re talking pants pocket, shirt pocket, jacket pocket, whatever. Do not put it in clothing. We repeat — do not put it in clothing. We don’t care that you’re sure you’ll remember. No. Stop it. You’re just asking for disaster. You will end up putting your ring in the washing machine, and that is just not the ideal way to clean a ring.

8 Tips for Keeping Your Ring Safe When You Cant Wear It1

Don’t Put It in Anything That Isn’t a Box or Pouch

Do not wrap it in a tissue or handkerchief (if people still use those) and put it on your kitchen island when you’re cooking. It isn’t offering your ring any protection, and it’s just asking to get knocked onto the floor. Rings are sturdy for sure, but they aren’t indestructible. Yes, even that men’s tungsten wedding band you’ve been eyeing can be damaged (though it would take quite a bit of work). Pouch or jewelry box of some kind. Those are your two options.

Have Ring Holders or Dishes

Yes, we know what we said earlier. You should put your ring in the same place every time. But if you know you aren’t likely to do that or if it isn’t feasible for you, consider spreading ring holders or ring plates throughout your home. If nothing else, you can narrow down the number so you won’t need to panic when it’s not in the first place you look. It might not be the best way, but it’s still pretty good.

8 Tips for Keeping Your Ring Safe When You Cant Wear It2

Your ring is a big investment. As long as you are taking the proper steps to keep it safe and protected, you’ll be fine. Know where your ring is and place it in things that will protect it when you aren’t wearing it. That’s really all there is to it.

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