American Fashion vs. European Fashion, Which One Is Better?

Fashion is something that defines our lifestyle, our choice, and our way of living. Different countries have different tastes in fashion, and we can identify the country of people by seeing their way of clothing. Europe and America both have very different yet fantastic fashion senses. These both countries got a distinctive taste in fashion, followed by people from other parts of the world.

American Fashion: Culture has a significant impact on dressing. American fashion concentrates more on comfort than style. We can commonly see American people dressed in sweatpants, hoodies, yoga pants, hoodies, very comfortable sneakers. In this type of clothing, we can do any work without feeling uncomfortable. Their fashion is highly informal, and they are frequent users of cowboy hats, boots, jeans, and leather jackets. The capital of American style is New York and Los Angeles. Jeans are one of the everyday clothing in America. They also wear short dresses for regular outings and white net wedding frocks at the wedding. America is famously known for its cosmetics which people from all over the world use. From 1920 to the 2000s, fashion in America has changed a lot. In the 1920s, women wore colorful dresses that were slightly below the knee paired with beautiful hats. Men wore long overcoats with hats and laced boots. The fashion of women in 2000 is quite similar to the one in the 1920s.In the 2000s, women shifted to denim skirts, jeans, and capri pants, while men wore athletic clothes with sports caps.

European Fashion: Europeans are very demanding when it comes to their dress-up. They can easily impress people with their fashion sense. Unlike Americans, they do not dress in comfy clothes. Instead, they prefer to dress in such a way that will catch the eyes of other people. Europeans are very sophisticated in their fashion and often custom their dresses. They also prefer to wear high-branded dresses, and their standard accessories include a leather purse, jewelry, and silk scarves. Europeans do not wear sports outfits in any events, and they are meticulous in their dressing. Europeans wear well-tailored and conservative clothes. Europeans prefer dark colors on their dresses like blue, black, grey, and skinny jeans. The European men and women do not wear sports shoes as often as the Americans; rather, the European women like to wear high heels no matter how rough the road is. They are very conservative as well, so they do not wear clothing like shorts or mini skirts. Most of the Europeans keeps themselves covered using long scarves while visiting religious sites.

How is European and American fashion different?

The most significant difference between the fashion of these two countries is that Americans are more concerned about staying comfortable while Europeans will dress to impress. We can easily distinguish between an American and a European by simply looking at their fashion. The Europeans wear better-fitted clothes, whereas Americans wear loose, baggy clothes. Europeans wear dark colors with heavy accessories, while the colorful dressing of the Americans will give us a cheerful feeling. Though both European and American fashion is very different, both of these countries have set huge fashion goals for people from all parts of the globe. The fashion style of Europe and America are followed by everyone and have gained immense appreciation from people from all over the world.

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