State of 30M Series Ventures: Insights from TechCrunch

As the world continues to embrace digital transformation, the tech industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. Investors are increasingly looking towards technology startups as an avenue for high returns, and this has led to the emergence of venture capital firms with large funds. One such firm is 30M Series Ventures, which has been making headlines recently. In this article, we will take a closer look at the state of 30M Series Ventures, drawing insights from TechCrunch’s coverage of the firm.

Introduction to 30M Series Ventures

State of 30M Series Ventures  is a venture capital firm that invests in technology startups. The firm was founded in 2019 by Edith Yeung and has since grown to become a major player in the tech industry. 30M Series Ventures is based in Silicon Valley and focuses on investing in early-stage startups in sectors such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

30M Series Ventures Fund Size

One of the factors that have put 30M Series Ventures in the spotlight is the size of its funds. In 2021, the firm raised a $120 million fund, bringing its total assets under management to $140 million. This places 30M Series Ventures among the top 1% of venture capital firms in terms of fund size. According to TechCrunch, this is a sign of the confidence that investors have in the firm’s ability to identify promising startups and deliver strong returns.

Investment Strategy

State of 30M Series Ventures has a unique investment strategy that sets it apart from other venture capital firms. The firm focuses on investing in startups that have the potential to become category leaders in their respective markets. This means that State of 30M Series Ventures looks for startups that have the potential to disrupt entire industries and become dominant players.

Another aspect of the firm’s investment strategy is its focus on investing in startups that are at the intersection of multiple sectors. For example, the firm has invested in startups that combine artificial intelligence and healthcare or blockchain and finance. This approach allows State of 30M Series Ventures to identify startups that have the potential to create new markets and opportunities.

Portfolio Companies

Since its inception, 30M Series Ventures has invested in several promising startups. Some of the firm’s portfolio companies include:

Lightyear, a startup that uses blockchain technology to enable cross-border payments
Shein, a fast-growing e-commerce platform that specializes in women’s fashion
Robinhood, a popular investment platform that allows users to trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, and other assets
These companies have all experienced significant growth and have the potential to become category leaders in their respective markets.


State of 30M Series Ventures is a venture capital firm that is making waves in the tech industry. Its large fund size and unique investment strategy have attracted the attention of investors and entrepreneurs alike. Through its investments in promising startups, the firm has the potential to shape the future of the tech industry. As the firm continues to grow and expand its portfolio, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for 30M Series Ventures and the startups it invests in.

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