Where to buy the best Oud in the UAE

Oud is the natural fragrant oil extracted from the expensive woods leaving an everlasting impression of the aroma everywhere you walk. It is also known as Agarwood and Agar in some regions. Due to its appealing aroma, it has gained popularity all over the world. The best oud is found in Arabian countries as they love exploring a variety of fragrances. Treat yourself and your loved ones by giving the best out as a gift this season. Are you looking for the highly recommended oud in the UAE? Where to find the best out in the UAE? How to get the most demanding Oud at a reasonable price? Let’s discuss everything in detail to find the best oud for you in the UAE. 

Arabian Oud: the oud representing Arabian culture

If you are looking for oud representing Arabian culture and heritage, there is no other best option than the products of Arabian Oud in the UAE. Due to their popularity and increasing demand for their products, they have emerged as the best oud suppliers all over the world. There are almost 750 retail stores of Arabian oud in more than 100 cities and 30+ countries. They have gained popularity due to their highly recommended oud fragrances manufactured by the blend of different notes and ingredients. Arabian fragrances have a very nice aroma that emerges from the mixing of various amber, jasmine, woody, and floral essences to give a wholesome aroma. Choose from the wide range of Arabian oud products to give yourself a treat of fragrance and treat your loved ones by giving the best of Arabian oud products as a gift. Visit their online shopping website, use the Arabian Oud promotional code, and get a huge discount on your favorite oud fragrances. The best of Arabian oud products is listed below;

  • Oud 1000 (Packed Ounce): AED 199
  • Royal Indian Oud Tola 12gm: AED 233.99
  • Arabian Oud Sultani 100 ml: AED 367.50 
  • Arabian Oud Majestic 100 ml: AED 342.50
  • Arabian Oud Woody intense 100 ml: AED 237.50
  • Arabian Oud 360 * 100 ml: AED 105

Where to buy the best Oud in the UAE1

Ajmal: The most demanding oud in the UAE

This is a highly demanding article all over the world due to its classic notes of fragrance. The aroma has a spicy floral and woody touch to give a special blend of these ingredients. As these notes are loved by most of the people. If you are a lover of the classic notes of the oud, Ajmal oud is the one you must try to have a good experience. Moreover, Ajmal stores in the UAE can mix and match various notes according to the taste of their customers to create some magical fragrances for their valuable customers. Visit the stores or order online from their website after explaining your preferences and interests to their highly experienced staff. The best oud from Ajmal store is quite expensive but the price is worth it due to the classic aroma of the perfumes. The prices of some of the best Ajmal articles are given below;

  • Evoke him silver edition 90ml: AED 143
  • Cuir musc 100ml: AED 401
  • Pearlescent Black 3ml: AED 400
  • Evoke her 75ml: AED 125
  • Shadow him 75ml: AED 100
  • Kuro Men 90 ml: AED 100
  • Amaze her 75ml: AED 125

Where to buy the best Oud in the UAE2

Oud Milano: An emerging brand of Oud in the UAE

Oud Milano stores are located in Dubai, KSA, and the UK representing the best oud in the UAE. The wide range of products they offer attracts customers to explore the rich aroma of the fragrances they offer. They include jasmine, amber, earth, woody, and floral notes to enhance the quality of the fragrance of the Oud. If you are fond of fragrances, you will like one from their collection as they provide a variety of oud fragrances to satisfy the demands of their valuable customers. Visit their website, and chat with their staff to find the best of Oud products from their vast collection of fragrances. To get them at a discounted rate, use Oud Milano codes and enjoy shopping the best of Oud Milano fragrances at a reasonable price. For a better experience visit your nearest Oud Milano store to find the best oud for you and your loved ones. The best of Oud Milano products are listed below;

  • Empress body musk Oil: AED 280
  • Sultana Musk Body Oil: AED 120
  • Cleo Musk Body Oil: AED 280
  • Scarlet Body Musk: AED 120
  • Aphrodite Musk body Oil: AED 160
  • Piccata Corpo Oud perfume Oil: AED 250

Yas Perfumes: A popular brand of fragrances in the UAE

They have gained popularity as they manufacture the perfect blend of various fragrances that inspire buyers to explore a variety of their products. Their products represent both Arabian and Western culture giving modernity and traditional vibes on a single platform. The reason for being a popular and recommended brand by the people of UAE is that Yas fragrances are manufactured by using high-end ingredients such as finest oils, fruit essences, floral and woody spices that enhance the quality of their fragrances. The perfumes have a complex combination and blend of top notes, heart notes and base notes ensuring the production of the best oud Fragrances. The fragrance lasts longer and makes it a worth buying product. If you have to spend a little extra than your budget, I must say ‘Go for It’. Explore the recommendations and enjoy a perfect fragrance on your special days. Visit your nearest store to check out their amazing collection. The sophisticated, perfectly blended, and subtle tones of the fragrance make them worth buying. Some of the best products of Yas perfumes are listed below;

  • Oud Muatar al Sultan: AED 295
  • Oud Muattar Yas Al Malaki: AED 135
  • Gold Musk: AED 270
  • Mukh collection: AED 125
  • Rose Musk: AED 270
  • Dokhon Huboob: AED 385
  • Dokhon Jazab: AED 285

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