Your resume is sure to please a potential employer

It is very important to write a good resume that your potential employer will immediately like. If your resume is poorly written or you even quote him in it, you are damaging your reputation. Our cv writing service will help you write the perfect resume. A structured resume should contain certain requirements.

Contact details

  • First Name Last Name
  • mailing address
  • phone number (working and preferably only yours)
  • E-mail address
  • Training and courses
  • college (if any)
  • high school (if any)

completed courses (if you have them) – it is advisable to confirm them with a certificate, diploma, etc.

For all completed schools, courses, works, you indicate the years when you were in this place.

Work experience

Your resume is sure to please a potential employer1

  • last place of work (including contact with the employer for possible references).
  • You list jobs from newest to oldest in the last 5-10 years. You indicate the name of the employer, place of work (city), as well as the position you held.

Additional knowledge and skills

  • language skills
  • driver’s license
  • work on a PC (you specify specific programs in which you can work)
  • if you have any special awards, certificates, diplomas, etc.
  • welder’s certificate

In this section, you can really list everything that you have, what you have in addition. You never know what little thing will make you stand out and get you a job.

Health restrictions

  • you only indicate if you have any medical restrictions should be documented by a doctor
  • in the case of a disability pension, you indicate the degree

Definitely don’t add to health restrictions. List only really limiting questions.

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They are optional, you can add them. If your interests are related to the work you are interested in, it is advisable to state them, this may add imaginary points.

Are you a recent graduate?

Your resume is sure to please a potential employer2

If you’ve just graduated from high school, include at least the part-time jobs you did at school in your work history. Every employer is pleased to see that you were already active in school. Don’t be afraid to mention, for example, selling ice cream at the counter, thanks to which you have the knowledge of working with money and customers. If you have after school, it’s probably hard to tell a rich work story. But it is desirable that you have at least one.

Tips and tricks

You unequivocally and always indicate only the truth in your resume! It is not appropriate to think about schools or previous work here. If a new employer is interested in you, they will still find out the truth about you. Of course, you all want to make the best impression on a potential employer. But you definitely won’t do that by putting a resume on your resume. Honestly. What employer wants a person who deliberately lies about himself from the start?

Sometimes it is possible that you attach your photo to your resume. With a suitable photo of you, the potential employer can get a better idea of ​​how you would fit into their team. Also, this is probably what you are looking for.

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