Ventilation 101: How hair is attached to a hair system

Hair system ventilation is not the most exciting topic, but it can certainly be helpful. Ventilation, when it comes to hair pieces, is how the hair, whether it’s synthetic or human hair, is attached to the base material of your men’s toupee.

While you may not want to learn the details behind this particular topic, having a basic idea can go a long way in achieving a more natural hair system. There are three main types of ventilation and they include knotting, injection and looping which we will look at in this blog.


Injection is a ventilation method that only applies to poly skin hair systems. It is also common in poly skin toupees that use Remy hair. Because it needs to be sealed between layers of the polyurethane base, it often requires a thick base which is why you won’t have injection in any ultra thin skin systems. The main benefit of the injection method is that the hair follicles will all go in the same direction, much like Remy hair, so the hair will be less prone to tangling.


Not to be confused with injection, looping is a method that sees the hair sewn through the base in either a V or U pattern. It’s not as strong as injection nor does it have all the hair follicles in the same direction. However, it can work with thin skin toupee hair systems which are already very natural looking with the front hairline. V-looped systems are even more so the case providing an undetectable hairline!


The final ventilation method is knotting. This method is most commonly found with lace hair systems such as lace front systems. With that said, it can also be used on poly skin as well. Knotting involves the hair being tied around in tiny knots. However, these knots can be in different sizes and styles;

  • Single knots are done with a few strands of hair and are easy to lay flat, allowing you to slick your hair back. However, there is not a lot of volume or durability with this knotting.
  • Double knotting is when the knots are knotted twice. They are ideal for those who prefer durability and a very thick density with lots of volume and height. This also means you will have to style your toupee with a fuller hairstyle.
  • Split knots are when strands of hair are split into two causing a slight gap which provides movement. They are smaller than single knots, but are invisible/undetectable and provide more durability and movement. They are usually used on poly perimeters and can be used for slick back hairstyles just like a single knot. An example is the M110 below: Gramhir is one of the best Instagram analyzer and viewer. Gramhir’s algorithm makes it conceivable for you to examine your own or another person’s Instagram account stats.

M110 – Full Head of Invisible Knots Male Hair System | Invisible Knots | Superhairpieces


You should now be aware of the three major methods of ventilating hair onto a hair system. With this knowledge, you will be better informed about which hair system to get next depending on your hairstyle preferences.


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