9 Tips for Layering Clothing

Every woman needs to know how to master the art of layering clothing. It’s a skill that, when well done, elevates  any outfit to look more sophisticated and chic. Level up your wardrobe game by using our helpful everyday fashion guide for layering clothing. From knowing what cozy tops to wear under your new trendy sweater to deciding which fabrics are best for layering, let’s dive into these nine easy-to-follow fashion tips.

1. Know How to Transition Between Seasons — According to InStyle, it’s important to know how to transition between the seasons. That means knowing how to wear your summer clothing in the fall and how to layer your fall clothing through the winter months. The summer-to-fall transition is a tough one because it’ll be chilly in the morning but scorching thanks to the afternoon sun. As for winter? Well, what do you wear when it’s below freezing outside, but you have the benefit of being inside where you’re nice and toasty all day? When in doubt, you can wear your summer dresses in the fall and winter as well. It’s all about layering. That means wearing something like a turtleneck underneath a dress or pairing with thicker tights. Add on a cardigan sweater to stay cozy and be warm.

2. Have One Bulky Pullover — One of the most important tips for layering is to have one bulky pullover you can rely on for layering. That doesn’t mean you only have to wear just one bulky pullover and call it a day. You can dare to wear two pullovers together. It’s a practical and easy way to get instant warmth. Take a look at different women’s trendy sweaters to see which ones you can layer over one another.

9 Tips for Layering Clothing1

3. Pick the Best Fabrics for Layering — Let’s focus on fabrics. The kind of fabric you use is essential. Varying fabric textures help add depth and variety to your look. That way, your outfit won’t look too bulky, especially if you’re wearing a thick pullover. Organic cotton is one of the best fabrics for layering. You can also try wool if you want another breathable fabric. Polyester works if you want a synthetic fabric.

4. It’s All About the Accessories — As for accessories, jewelry and scarves can help freshen up any look. Layer with different necklaces in various lengths to make your jewelry a statement place. You can cinch your waist with a belt to accentuate your silhouette. Try belting a blazer or long sweater dress.

5. Choose Your Colors — Now it’s time to choose which colors you want. You may want to just work with two different colors to start with. You can also try blending similar colors by getting different shades of that color, such as a dark blue top with a light blue pullover. As for color layering must-haves, every woman needs black and white in her wardrobe. You can pair bold colors that won’t clash if you’re looking for statement colors. Try red and blue or light pink and baby blue if you’re looking for some color combination ideas.

6. Throw in Some Patterns — You don’t have to just stick to one pattern for your outfit. You don’t have to just stick to one pattern for layering, either. Try gingham pants paired with a polka dot oxford shirt and a quilt knit jacket. Yes, these patterns seem like they’re all over the place, but the modern tones are mixed and matched in such a lackadaisical way that you’re creating an effortlessly chic statement.

7. Stay Cozy with Outerwear — Layering is about more than wearing something underneath a sweater or with your cardigan. You also need to incorporate outerwear, especially if you’re staying outside for extended periods of time. When choosing what women’s outerwear you want to wear, experiment with different colors, fabrics, and styles. Try a faux fur jacket in wintery ivory. Go for a vegan leather jacket with fringe. You can’t go wrong with a classic denim jacket.

9 Tips for Layering Clothing2

8. Pair Sweaters with Button-Downs — Sweaters are a great option for layering. You can wear the sweater over a classic plaid button-down. It’s a chic autumn look that’s never going out of style. You can also try a solid-colored button-down. When you combine a sweater with a button-down, you’ll have a polished look with a laid-back feel.

9. Let Casual Meet Formal — Turn heads when you pair something casual with something formal. It’s the best of both worlds. If you’re looking for something unique this season, check out a local women’s boutique clothing store for new and exciting trends. Let’s say you have some loungewear that you normally wear at home, such as pretty silk pajamas. You can make that indoor look an outdoor one by adding on a black tailored blazer. Whenever you add something more formal, like a fitted blazer, to something casual, like an essential graphic t-shirt and comfortable joggers, you’re going from cool and casual to polished and timeless.

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