A few words about the strong love spell

I, spellcaster Maxim, prefer not to divide professional magic practitioners into groups, classes and categories. I think it’s rude and inconsiderate because each one of them, depending on their abilities, does good for other people. So no one should ever say that one spellcaster is better than another. But when it comes to a strong love spell, I have to admit that such spells should be cast only by powerful spellcasters, while people who haven’t received any training in magic shouldn’t try to cast a love spell on someone, if the spell is described as “very powerful”. Don’t believe people saying that anyone can do magic. It’s a lie. Casting magic spells takes talent, fearlessness, and years of training. More importantly, it also takes pure energies, perfectly healthy chakras, and many years of experience.

Every time we talk about powerful magic, you should understand that “powerful” applies not only to the end result. When complex rituals are used, the result is usually very good, provided the ritual is performed by a professional magic practitioner. “Powerful” also applies to the impact the spell has on the target, the person you love, as well as on you.

People who have already ordered a love ritual know that even though they don’t participate in it directly, they still have strange, scary and sometimes depressing feelings. Of course, feelings vary depending on the spellcaster’s ability to work with your energies and whichever of your chakras are stronger. But anyway, you’ll feel strange, which means the magic practitioner, while performing the ritual, is influencing not only the target’s but also your energies.

The magic practitioner does it because he needs to:

– Review your magic structure;

– Adjust your subtle bodies;

– Synchronize your and the target’s chakras;

– Concentrate your energy in certain areas;

– Create a powerful energy bond between you.

This is how love is born. If you think magic is about waving the hands and asking the sky for help, you’re wrong. These are common misconceptions. Magic practitioners are more like programmers. Not only can they develop a program of your future, but they can also reprogram your energies to make a relationship between you and the target possible.

When it’s wrong to cast a love spell on someone

When you want to cast love spell on someone, you should remember that there are people love spells should never be put on. The risk group includes people suffering from depression or severe physical illnesses, people with mental and nervous system disorders, pregnant women, underage people, and people prone to alcohol and drug addiction and suicide. Of course, you should never put love spells on people who don’t know who you are or who are currently dating someone or happily married and aren’t going to get divorced any time soon.

Let’s talk about the last two groups and whether a strong love spell can be put on them. When you meet someone, a special matrix is creased which determines your future attitude to this person. As you understand, this matrix changes all the time, so you may feel affection, aversion, interest or desire to run away. If the target hasn’t met you and doesn’t know who you are, there is no such matrix, so even spellcasters like me are powerless because there is no material to work with. There is no matrix for us to implement a love program into, which is essential for any love spell.

It’s different when people are married. The strongest matrix of a married person is the one created for the spouse. So when you cast a love spell, some of the energy will go into that matrix. As a result, the target’s feelings for the spouse will get stronger.

When to expect first results after you cast love spell on someone

“When to expect first results after you cast a love spell on someone?” is a very common question. I, spellcaster Maxim, hear it all the time. The answer to this question depends on many factors. Below are some examples.

Imagine you need a special ritual which requires rare ingredients. It means you’ll have to wait until I find these ingredients, so the waiting period may vary between one week and several months.

Imagine it turns out you have a loneliness curse on you. It means that before I can cast a love spell on you, I have to cure you. Removing old curses can be quite time-consuming.

Another example is when you reach out to me on the first day of a waning moon. It means that even if I have everything ready for the ritual and your subtle bodies are perfectly healthy and clean, we’ll still have to wait for the lunar phase to change. I can cast love spell on someone only when it’s a new moon or “young moon”.

Anyway, take your time and don’t fall for promises to get the job finished sooner. Fast love magic is a myth, it’s not real. It was made up by liars and frauds to take advantage of naïve people. Ask any powerful magic practitioner and he’ll confirm that it takes 14-20 days to cast even the simplest of love spells.

However, the result is worth waiting for. Time will fly by and you, provided you’ve been patient, will see a miracle of love and your love will live until you ask me, spellcaster Maxim, to make it stop. So don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions about love and other spells.

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