Save the Date Wedding Cards you’ll Love

Designing a wedding card seems to be a very convenient task, just like a piece of cake. But trust us, when you actually sit down to think about a save the date wedding card, you would relaize that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. That is why people are always in search fo some good designers, adn wedding cards makers.

If you are really happy for your marriage, thne we would suggest you to take care of its each aspect. Do not let anyone ruin it, we have seen couples get sad over a font style on their wedding card. So if you do not want any such thing on your big day, then it is highly recommended to have a look at the trending save the dates ideas for your wedding. These are not very modern or complicated, but for someone who has never observed these ideas so closely it is essential to understand these options.

In this article, we intend to share with you a few wedding save the dates ideas, that are trending, and can give your wedding a new memorable touch. Additionally, we will also share a few facts about the wedding invitations, so that a new couple must be able to do the distribution of wedding invitations without getting confused.

The fairytale card

If you re the bride, then we cna assume that just like many other girls in the world, you would also think of a wedding invitation like the royal princesses. Every girl wishes to feel that royalty on their wedding. So even though your dress must be a great royalty for you, but why not have that touch in the wedding invitations too?

Save the Date Wedding Cards youll Love

To get that look, you should choose, white, or cream colros for the base of the wedding card. Then for the writings and details, it should be golden or brown color. Then at the top of the card there should be a design of the rolling message, just like the ones that the kings would get in their times.

Your picture collage

If you and your spouse to be were ina  long relationship, or happen to be friends for a long time,then showing your journey through that pre-marriage relationship would be a wonderful idea.

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All you need to do is get all your good pictures. It can be any random, candid moments, when you two were enjoying the best time, it can be anywhere. Make a collage of all these pictures, and paste it as the front page of your wedding card.

The destination wedding card

Thanks t the easy trnasporationa dn communication, many people now venture for a destination wedding. Even though these are small weddings but still it is an expsniev one. But how would you make everyone open the card, and know the destination? Well, if it would be a simple card, then the far off relatives might not feel interested to open it and read about the venue. Thus to increase the excitement for your wedding, having the pictures of the destination or the venue for your wedding would be a fantastic idea.

The multi-page card

These cards are also for the destination wedding, or long tradiationla eastern weddings, where you would be celebrating your wedding through various customs. So if you happen to be from a rich culture where people love to participate in the norms. Then it would be great to aheva card with multiple pages, at each page you should emntiont he details for the rituals that would be eprformed during the wedding. Do not forget to mention the palace and the probable timing for each ritual, so that the guests must know when they should join you. Some of them, might not feel comfrtiable for join the rituals that only include the close reltaives.

Magnetic save the dates

Save the dates magnets are a new trend, and still not many people are aware of it. These are the magnets with the date or the name of the couple. The guests can attach them on their fridges to stay alert about the big day. If you have some people in your wedding list, that are old, or forgetful because they are the actual busy bees, then it is high time to consider their problem, and send them these.

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