Best Apps for Fashion Design Professionals One Can Install Today

Becoming a fashion designer is a common dream. And fashion designers are considered as artists. Because fashion designing is an art. The job of a fashion designer is to create designs for clothing and accessories so that the natural beauty of clothes and accessories become more visible. Also unique designs make things look more aesthetic. Almost every celebrity has their own fashion designer. There are famous fashion designers, who are considered as legends.

Best Apps That Fashion Designers Can Use

Being a fashion designer isn’t easy. It requires a lot of patience, creativity and many other things. If you are a fashion designer, then you will always have to think out of the box. However there are many apps nowadays that fashion designers can use to maximize productivity. Here’s the details of some of the best apps for fashion designers.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest has over 454 millions users. And Pinterest is a great app for fashion designers. It has like a digital MOOD-BOARD.  You will find a huge amount of inspiration at the beginning of every season. You can collect all these inspirations and transform into multi-billion fashion products. The best part is, you can get all the amazing inspirations without any cost. Because Pinterest is a free app.

You can use Pinterest easily on Safari web browsers, Firefox and Chrome as well. Even on Pinterest you can keep your board private.

  1. Sketch

Few years ago, Everyone used to use Adobe Illustrator only. But now people use Sketches. There are many good sides of Sketch. For example it is fast, then it has an intuitive interface  as well as a broad array of plugins. That’s not all. You will get great offers from third-party developers. Their role is to create amazing features.

Sketch is a great app for young and up coming fashion designers. Like Adobe, Sketch is a paid app. But it is worth every penny.

  1. Adobe Illustrator

If you don’t want to use Sketch, then you can use Adobe Illustrator. You can use Adobe Illustrator for many things. Such as you can use it to draw flat sketches using callouts for construction along with styling details. If you are a new user of Adobe Illustrator, then you can find great resources. Designers can also join free webinars.

Adobe Illustrator is a paid app. And it works best on Windows 10 and Mac OSX.

  1. Slack

For communication, slack is the best platform. In slack you will find team members to work with. And all the team members will be organized in groups or threads. You can share files easily in slack. Moreover slack integration with tools such as Drive, Dropbox and many more. You can use slack without any cost up to 5GB space.

  1. Techpacker

For designers, Tech packs were one of the most painful as well as time consuming tasks. But with the help of techpacker, their tasks became a thousand times easier. You can use it for free, for 7 days straight.

All professions are tough. But you have to endure it with patience and interest. And fashion designing is very fun to deal with.


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