Korean Fashion, All You Need To Know About It

When we think about high-end fashion and trends, we often associate them with cities like Paris, Milan, London, New York, the mainstream checkpoints. However, another emerging community may be Seoul, South Korea, considering how advanced and influential it has already become. All the communities within themselves have their stereotypes and concept of fashion and clothing over the years. Let’s get into details about the fashion industry of Korea.

The designers

Although not all Korean brands are internationally renowned, a handful of designers have paved the way for the fashion industry to be exposed to and accepted by the western population. South Korea’s industry is known to be open-minded and independent. It’s diverse, colorful yet modest, and formal. The balance of which is celebrated by almost all groups of people. One of the designers who have made a name for herself for this mix of colors through clothing is Goen Jong, the founder of


The dark colors are appealing to most people, as well as baggy layers, which she masters. Blazers, jackets, coats, and hoodies are perfect for a fall look. Just like her fall collection, her summertime plan is simple in words and elegant in a body. It is all about lace dresses and light colors.  


Founded by Kathleen Kye, it is focused on streetwear. Mature, formal, and chic, her collections impress A-list celebrities like Rihanna, Kourtney Kardashian, G-dragon, etc.  Kye has successfully entered the infamous Ney York Fashion Week in 2015 and 2016. Kye is all about dressing bold yet laidback youth through an outfit. Its individuality distinguishes the brand from others.


It’s true how trends end up coming full circle, probably why so many of the 80s and 90s trends have come back. The K-pop music industry influences a big chunk of Korea’s fashion. But other than that, streetwear is very prominent in South Korea. And one of the cultural aspects which set the South Korean style apart from the others is the way they hold on to their traditions. Koreans are usually more relaxed and modest in dressing, not much cleavage, nor too colorful or flamboyant. Simplicity is very common in their styling. Another very noticeable trend is their love for oversized clothing. Not to mention, Koreans, especially females, don’t shy away from putting on shorts or miniskirts.

Fashion Week

Fashion week is a weeklong event where designers gather together o showcase their collections. Seoul is pretty subtle when it comes to fashion weeks compared to other cities. However, it is on its way to build up to one of the most popular and talked about fashion weeks. Currently, because of covid restrictions, the show is being held virtually since last year. Many emerging designers take part in it every year, including DWS Company, Painters, Rinjeon, etc., all with their high-end and unique touch to their collections of both men’s and women’s wear.

The Korean Wave

This iconic wave singlehandedly enhanced South Korea’s international connections. It starts from the 1990s; the wave refers to the global recognition South Korea enjoyed due to their K-drama and K-pop’s reach throughout the globe. This helped the fashion industry since more people were open to exploring Korean trends and styling.

South and North Korea are said to be very polite and straightforward with their fashion. But as the trends develop, South Korea has changed its game since the wave. They’re more recognized internationally for their individuality and simplicity.

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