DIY: How to be a Stock Broker, Easy Guideline

Stockbrokers may work individually or represent companies. Brokers assist individuals in buying stocks. They keep up with the changes in stock prices, demand, and overall, are always required to be updated on the current events in a stock market. Brokers help clients to dig deep into an investment to figure out if it is, in fact, worth it, and because they are knowledgeable in that area, they know better than anyone which stocks may be more profitable than the others. Their payments are mostly commission-based, so it is an individual game of how well you have mastered getting the clients the right kind of deals.

Brokers must be quick to act, skilled, good at communication, and be able to strategize. They also have to be cautious since they hold all their clients’ portfolios and manage them in an order for the clients’ benefits.

Educational Requirements

To become a broker, an individual needs to start preparing for university. There are no important requirements regarding subjects, but since the market that usually brokers workaround is heavily business-oriented, the background tends to be Business or Finance related. It is easier to navigate through certain stages if you are already familiar with the world of business.  So it would help if you had at least a bachelor’s degree to get started.

License test

Like any other profession, before active practice, you need to pass a test for the license. You need to pass the SIE test and a Series 7 test. Then you need to pass the Series 63 test, which is not required in a lot of areas, so it depends on where you are studying.


Internships are not a requirement, and a lot of brokers go straight into the job once they pass the exams. However, internships always come in handy and are a valuable part of the process since they give you insight into what you are about to face. It is better to make mistakes under the authority and get a chance to be quick to fix them. In the outside world, brokers have to deal with real clients with their real money. So learning from the experienced up close and testing the water beforeis often recommended.

Salaries and Commission

On average, stockbrokers earn around $136,364 annually. Brokers get commissions for their dealings, but they also get a percentage from the company they work for as a salary.  Brokers do not get to promote their jobs; instead, it’s more of a word of mouth that spreads around until they create their base of loyal clients. An experienced stockbroker makes about $400,000 per year, so it depends on the skillset and experience.  In a lot of cases, it also depends on the type of market they operate in.

As someone whose job is to advise people about their financial status and invest them in the stock market, a stock broker’s job is pretty hectic. You must make the right decision for your client and the corporation whose stocks you are selling.

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