DIY Skin Care, Rose Water, and Vitamin C Mask

Vitamin C is great for the skin, primarily if it is used daily. Vitamin C repairs damaged skin and wrinkles. It is essential for the hydration of the skin. Many people may use it as a serum, while others may use serum masks every week. Similar to rose water as it nourishes the skin from the inside and keeps skin fresh and plump. Rosewater also balances your skin’s PH level. During different seasons, because of the humidity in the air, our skin conditions tend to differ. For example, many people may experience breakouts because of excessive heat and have their skin too dry during winter. Of course, it varies in skin types, and while every skin type has its way of coping with acne and breakouts, there are some fundamental elements that all skins need. Vitamin C and rose water are definitely among them.

Overall, it’s essential to remember that Dark Spot Diminisher review is just one product in a vast array of skincare options, and a combination of a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise, can help improve skin health and appearance.

Nowadays, caring for your skin costs an arm and leg. But thankfully, making organic masks at home is very easy and effective.


  1. Vitamin C tablets are available, which can be crushed and used as vitamin C powder to use in the mask mix. However, the ground powder may expire soon, so it is recommended to buy powdered vitamin C. There are different types of vitamin C, so a bit of research would be beneficial depending on what your skin prefers.
  2. Rosewater can be found in any drugstore or convenience store. You can also make rose water at home but buying it will save you more time, and it is not much different from the store-bought water either, so it is safe
  3. Aloe vera gel can be used as well. It is not mandatory, but aloe vera is an excellent moisturizer; it helps reduce acne marks and slows aging signs. It is an all-in-one gel within a budget.
  4. A drop or two of any essential oil. Although essential oil is not compulsory, it adds a scent to the mixture of masks, and because it is oil, it is entirely organic and aids in making your skin look shinier and plump. You can also skip this ingredient and apply the oil right after you are done rinsing the mask off. It will help our skin moisturize better as well.
  5. You can also use brown sugar in the mix; again, not mandatory, but sugar is a good exfoliator.

How to mix and apply the mask

Usually, a tablespoon of vitamin C powder does the job. You do not want to over-exfoliate your skin. Mix the powder with a few drops of rose water in a bowl and a teaspoon of brown sugar if you add that. Mix it nicely and add one teaspoon of Aloe gel and a drop of essential oil.

You can apply this mixture to your face and wash it with normal temperature water after 10 minutes for it to sit on your face. A lot of people may use it as a serum and use it overnight. If used overnight, the sugar may be excluded from the mix. Vitamin C masks can be used twice a day.

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