Japanese Fashion In A Glance With Amazing Facts

Japan’s heritage is one of its assets. Its impact is very blatant in their fashion too. Even people who are not familiar with the bits of Japanese trends or styling can recognize the Kimono, Japan’s national dress and one of the most popular attires known worldwide. Japan’s fashion is known to be subdued, sustainable, and unique. Although, Western media has influenced Japan’s style and their heavy coverage of global designers and trends.


Japan is famous for its ‘Kawaii’ (cute) looks. They are also big on baggy, loose fits like oversized hoodies and sweatpants. Sometimes the outfits are subdued; sometimes, they make statements about how loud they are. Another fascinating and perhaps the trendiest style right now would be cyberpunk fashion, all about dark colors, big cargo pants, and accessories complimented by bucket hats. Beachwear is fashionable in Japan’s streets. Brands like Archon, Civilized, etc., really put together the sports and tech vibe into clothing. Japan loves prints, plaids, polka, basically anything eye-catching. Printed shirts are trendy, especially in the streets.

The Streets

One of the inspirations for designers when they are looking for colors and a muse is the street. Japan’s street fashion has always been influential. Designers have admitted that even without any model walking down the runway, they could find beautiful prints. These local fabrics would amplify fashion in a way that expensive beads and jewels don’t. More than that, affordability is a significant factor. There are not only varieties of styles, print fits, and colors with street fashion, but they are also cheap and for everyday use. One of the most renowned brands that are famous for their streetwear is Neighborhood. Shinsuke Takizawa founded the brand, and it is all about dark, funk, and cyber fashion. From denim to military, the brand almost covers all prints, and it is one of the most popular go-to streetwear brands catered towards young people.


If we speak of designers, one name that is very common in the list is Rei Kawakubo. She is the founder of the fashion label Comme des Garçons. She believed fitting clothes and fabric which exposed a body were boring and that clothes should instead reflect art than the body. Her designs are loose, comfortable, and independent.

A lot of people may know Issey Miyake from his prevalent perfume L’eau d’Issey. But many people, especially people of the West, may not know how big of a name he is in Japan. Issey Miyake’s clothes are simply innovations of their own. They are super unique and practical. His work is said to be timeless. His clothes are a good balance of modern art and Japanese culture. Mike has been frequent at the Paris Fashion Week, and rightfully so. The garments are vibrant and contemporary.

Overall, it is safe to say that Japan is very independent and colorful with its fashion; whether it is street fashion or big names on billboards, they love to be noticed. Clothes are a massive part of their personalities, almost like their signature.


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