More Fun, More Rewards, and More Christmas

Pocket7Games, a skill-based legit mobile game by AviaGames, is hosting its annual Christmas event. What makes this event so special is the ample opportunities it gives users to play online and win cash. More than ever, playing games for cash couldn’t be easier! And as a total bonus: everything is done in holiday fashion with themed backgrounds and more! 


Pocket7Games is a mobile game app with a variety of games included. Players can choose which game they want to play and win cash with. Just for simply logging in, prizes are often awarded, as well as for winning against other players. Since the games are all skill-based legit games, one player gets matched with five others based on matching skill levels.

Camera, Lights, Rewards & Cash!

The beautiful thing about Pocket7Games is that it’s really simple to win money – simply play online and win cash! For example, participate in Bingo Clash by playing against 4 other players and win first, second, or third place, and win prizes. These prizes can be used to participate in free cash tournaments where you can win real money. 

The Christmas Event

During Pocket7Games’ Christmas event, expect to partake in a holiday extravaganza! All games receive a completely new look with wreaths, snowmen, Santa hats, and snowy villages all making an experience in backgrounds, decorations, and more. But what makes this event so incredibly fun and worthwhile is that it offers extra opportunities to earn cash prizes! 

This event runs from December 13, 2021, until January 2, 2022. Players can expect to log on and find a makeover to have happened overnight. Dice Tour will be offering additional rewards like winning up to $500 in extra cash, and daily logins will lead to getting extra sparkles – the in-game currency. These can be later used to play in free cash tournaments where players can win real cash.

Additionally, there’s a holiday giveaway. Spin the wheel to win an iPhone 13 or a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G phone. If that doesn’t already sound like enough – it’s not the end of the extra awesomeness! Players also can earn 100 sparkles by having a friend sign up using their referral code! 

The Christmas event is full of fun, special log-in rewards, unlimited deposits, limited seasonal offers, mini-games to win even more cash, and more. There’s really nothing that will quite get anyone better into the mood than participating in the Pocket7Games Christmas event!

More Rewards than Ever during Pocket7Games’ Christmas Event

With Christmas around the corner, Pocket7Games is having its own Christmas event from December 13, 2021, until January 2, 2022. The games all receive a holiday makeover and it’ll be easy to get into the Christmas spirit with snowmen and holiday lights making a regular appearance across the mini-games. 

Playing games for cash has never been easier, as during the Christmas event, rewards and extra cash prizes are abundant. Real money bingo in Bingo Clash sees a whole new interface, while Dice Tour offers extra opportunities to win sparkles which allows for players to participate in free cash tournaments. Playing skill-based games for cash has never been more fun – or festive! 

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