6 Creative Custom Embroidery Patches

Do you want to see your designs turn into fine embroidery patches? Embroidered patches date back to when thread-stitched embroidery patches were used on clothing. DIY custom embroidery patches have grown in popularity with designs reflecting today’s culture, popularity, or positive themes. Read on to understand how to make custom embroidery patches.

Trendy Geography-Themed Embroidery

Most people love having a sense of belonging, and offering clients products embraided with geographical locations, symbols, names, and coordinates often gives them nostalgia.  Below is a list of custom embroidery patches with trendy geography-theme.

Wanderlust: Countries, Cities, and Locations

Allow your clients to decide how they want to represent their favorite location through embroidery. For example, if their focus is on travel, a particular community, you can create embraided patches with the city, state, or country names. You can embroider on apparel that the traveler and local will love.

Flags and Emblems of Countries, parks, or Towns

If your company or local organization doesn’t have a sign, flag, or emblem, you can offer to create one. Emblems are a winning idea for volunteer associations, teams, rangers, etc. creating a simple design goes a long way.


Offer products with clients’ coordinates embraided on them. It could be a place from their childhood, somewhere they met the love of their life, or somewhere they have great memories.

Friends and Family as Inspiration for Embroidery Patterns 

People love being appreciated and recognized in different ways. Offering things with customized names, dates, and times are excellent gifts. Creating custom embroidery patches is a perfect idea. Is your friend or family member having an anniversary birthday or wedding? Embroidery patches are the ideal gifts you can give them. They include:

  • Family crest or flag- Embroidered family crests or flags are a great way to show belonging in a family or to prepare for a family event. The designs look good on home and living products and apparel.
  • Birth dates and name initials – for a personal approach to your loved one, you can offer a custom embroidery patch with birth years, days, months, or a person’s names initials. You can give this to your colleagues, friends, or family members.

Zodiac Signs

A custom embroidery patches is a perfect idea for astrology lovers. It is used on hats, bags, apparel, and home living products. Since zodiac signs have attributes like flowers, colors, and specific stones, you can make simple custom embraided patches.

Embroidery patterns with Pets

Most people have a soft spot for pets. You can design custom embroidery patches with pet portraits, paw prints, names, and animal outlines and gift someone you love or use it. Using a design maker gives you beautiful animal-themed embroidery patterns. Pet embroidery looks good in large embroidery, while paw prints look best in smaller designs.

Call Of the Wild

Nature-themed custom embroidery patches appeal to many people with different interests. You can explore embroidery ideas online if you are looking to create nature designs. Nature-themed custom embroidery patches include:

  • Animals – You can explore your artistic side with animal embroidery designs. Use any animal you wish, including dinosaurs and mythical creatures such as unicorns. Animal designs are popular with children but can also complement different home accessories.
  • Plants, herbs, and trees – making such embroideries speaks to a broader audience, including nature lovers, gardeners, and outdoor devotees. You are not limited to using trees only. You can use different herbs, wildflowers, and rare plants.
  • Seasons – custom-made patches that represent summer, spring, fall, and winter are timeless and relevant throughout and are thoughtful gift ideas. You can create patches with wildflowers that thrive in spring, colorful autumn leaves, or snowflakes that fall in winter.

Motivational Quotes

People always need encouragement, whether it is positive vibes or motivational quotes that leave them smiling. Motivational custom embroidery patches could be from book-inspired references or original sayings. You can create authentic expressions, quips, punch lines, and creative design quotes, whether puns or jokes. People who have a way with words create great quotes for cool custom patches.


Do not hesitate to create magic with custom embroidery patches by turning ideas into reality. Think of what you love and what you would want to see embraided on a product. The secret to creating custom embroidery patches is being open to trying new ideas, combining different patches, and experimenting with colors.

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