HealthTap – Your Doctor is One Tap Away

HealthTap a Primary care provider provides users with access to an expert panel of U.S. doctors through video consultation services that enable them to ask a question and receive an answer within minutes.

HealthTap also features a symptom checker powered by AI that intelligently suggests potential causes and next steps for care. Members can search HealthTap’s library for questions asked by others and doctors’ answers.

Ask a doctor a question.

HealthTap is a free telehealth service that allows members to submit questions via text, video or voice. Its doctors answer queries on various health topics like acne, exercise and pregnancy.

A doctor can also refer members to specialists in their area if necessary. Generally, doctors respond to questions within 24 hours.

HealthTap differs from Google in that its health information is provided interactively by a network of U.S.-licensed physicians in good standing (licensed physicians with active disciplinary actions against them are not admitted to the network).

HealthTap is accessible on both mobile devices and computers, accepting most major medical insurance plans. Its fees are slightly higher than those of many other telehealth services but lower than most co-pays.

Schedule an appointment.

HealthTap makes scheduling an appointment with a doctor easy, day or night. Plus, its app features an extensive library of trusted answers from HealthTap’s network of 90,000 physicians across 147 specialties that you can access directly through the app.

HealthTap provides telehealth services to individuals, health networks, large employers and medical groups. Its virtual doctor consultation service utilizes proprietary technology to connect members with U.S. board-certified doctors at scale; providing both Urgent Care and ongoing Primary Care solutions.

To start the process, users must create a free account on HealthTap’s website or mobile app. From there, they can search for doctors or request visits through the app which will link directly to each physician’s profile. Furthermore, it includes an AI-based symptom checker to help users determine the most suitable course of action based on their health condition. Generally speaking, this service is free for most people; however virtual private consultations cost $9.99 per question.

Get a prescription.

HealthTap makes getting a prescription from an online doctor easy – orders are sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice and usually arrive within 15 minutes.

HealthTap Prime members enjoy access to an expansive Q&A library with millions of doctor answers at any time, anywhere. Plus, they can take advantage of Urgent Care visits with the first available online doctor – usually for less than $59 or their insurance copay – every day.

HealthTap Prime subscribers enjoy access to an online prescription discount coupon that can save them up to 75% on many medications. This makes HealthTap Prime an incredibly valuable value for patients.

Track your progress.

HealthTap is a nationwide virtual primary care company that offers members long-term access to an individual doctor they love. Its subscription plans offer free texting with your chosen doctor, $39 video appointments and $59 urgent care visits with the first available online doctor for just $59 each.

As a member, you’ll gain access to millions of doctor answers in our Q&A library as well as AI-powered symptom checker tools that assess your symptoms and direct you toward getting the help you need.

Your health data is securely stored within HealthTap, and doctors can access it only with your permission. This allows them to provide better advice, more personalized care, and a tailored course of action.

HIPAA regulations require HealthTap to take steps to protect patient information when it is transferred or stored within their app or on their servers. This includes making sure the app is secure and restricting how much personal data they share with doctors.

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