Six Health And Life Related Fitness Components

In these contemporary times, health and fitness has been one of the major focuses that men and women insist on maintaining. Whether it be in the older generation or the younger one, age has been known not to be a reason for people to get health conscious and alter their diet and daily routines accordingly for better health and prosperity.

Now, considering this is an issue of great significance, in the light of latest studies, six health related fitness components have been identified which are defined as the result of true physical fitness. The elements are as follows: aerobic capacity, body structure, body composition, balance, muscular flexibility and strength.

Let us now look closely at each of the elements as to how they are defined and their importance in achieving physical fitness.

Aerobic capacity:

Basically when we talk about aerobic capacity, we are talking about our cardiovascular system’s ability to transport oxygen to all parts of our body and muscles to serve as fuel for the body. This capacity is enhanced by cardiovascular exercises like running, walking, cycling etc. Performing any of such rigorous activity provides the first form of fitness.

Body structure:

This focuses on the body posture, looking for any disorder in the outer structures of the body like arms or legs. Any small imbalance may lead to certain injuries or mishaps. Ideal posture aligns ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips, equal leg lengths, pelvic symmetry etc. Any amiss posture needs correction with proper stretching and similar exercise.

Body composition:

This basically identifies as the fat to lean body mass ratio. To measure this, measuring the weight is not enough. Specific body parts are taken into account to determine the total body fat percentage. Scales and devices are used too. In males the ratio is 10-15 percent and 15-22 percent in females. Efficient body functions occur in such optimal conditions.


Specific balance tests may be brought in to determine the balance in one’s body. This element is also of significance. Balance depends on age and depending on that factor, tests and experiments can be involved. This plays a significant role as it defines how strong an individual’s core is and how steady they are overall.

Muscular flexibility:

This is again very important since to carry out a full range body motion, muscle flexibility is of utmost necessity. Muscles may be shortened if not purposefully stretched which may lead to multiple injuries, muscle imbalance and stress.


This is vital as not only motion is necessary but having full control over it and to be able to exert a certain amount of force is important too. Strength can be improved by including weight resistance exercises. These help the body and mind to become well synchronized in order to distinguish and determine when and how to apply how much pressure in appropriate situations.

All these six elements, once achieved, lead to utmost physical fitness. And for us to get along hand in hand with this fast pacing world, we must include fitness in our routine and regime. A small change can benefit us big in our receding years.

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