Lead Life Like An Athlete And Say Bye To Worries

Athletes are creatures of habit. The best routines are those where they follow a schedule which is consistent in order to habituate their bodies and bring out the best in themselves. Looking into the lives of one might bore most, as they very seldom do anything which is out of the ordinary for them. Nevertheless, this is how they push themselves and set personal records. Being an athlete may seem like a dream job as they’re frequently meeting famous people, dining at exquisite restaurants, visiting beautiful cities and getting paid to do so. Regardless, the hard work and sacrifices that go behind maintaining that profession is disregarded quite often.

Sleep plays a vital role in the routine of an athlete. As important as it is for all individuals, athletes rely greatly on a good night’s sleep as it significantly influences their performance the next day. Furthermore, recovering from the previous day’s training and exercise becomes crucial when a strict routine is maintained, therefore, athletes would often have a fixed time allotted to sleep each day. Adjusting to different beds and environments while traveling is something many athletes struggle with. Being unable to do so can severely impede their sleeping patterns, consequently hampering recovery and performance. Many athletes carry their own bedding while they travel in order to prevent this situation. It can be quite a nuisance but it becomes essential when much is at stake.

Breakfast is also known as the first meal, and it prepares us for the day ahead of us. For athletes, this is important because they have a lengthy series of heavy training in their schedules in order to keep them steady and on track with their progress. Skipping breakfast could lead to nausea, decreased efficiency at training and also a lack in the level of performance that could have otherwise been achieved if the body had proper stamina needed to function at maximum capacity. Some athletes say breakfast before training makes them nauseous but they fail to comprehend that our bodies cannot function at their best unless we provide it with the necessary nutrients and proteins needed. An ideal breakfast for athletes would entail a series of fruits, green tea, supplements, eggs and so on. Staying hydrated amongst everything else is also a key factor which many often disregard, hence must be taken into consideration quite often than not.

Waking up early after a good night’s sleep and enjoying a full breakfast before training can very well improve an athlete’s performance. Finishing breakfast an hour before the workout gives the body time to turn this food into fuel for the body. After training, lunch needs to be heavy to help the body rejuvenate and prepare for the afternoon training session. A nap of 20 minutes in between is believed to be ideal by many. A typical athlete would train for about 5-6 hours a day, 6 days a week. One day in a week should always be kept aside for recreational and recovery purposes. Being on a packed schedule for 6 days a week can sometimes become frustrating and overwhelming, even for athletes. Thus a reprieve is highly recommended.

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